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Posted by Liyana on 12th Jun 2016

Hi! Ive been using this product ,could see some improvement over my body,my hand getting fair a bit.but may i know what is the difference this drink and the Korean white one?

A: Hi , thank you for your positive reply.
the Korean White is sugar free and the method of consuming is different you can mix the korean white with yogurt, juice , food or even water.

Can i makes my skin turn to pale skin tone

Posted by Minion on 6th jun 2016

ive been using this product for a month and its perfectly lightens my skin tone..can i achieve pale skin tone if i keep consuming this product?

Answer : No. Your skin shade will only lighten between 1-4 shades lighter. Tq

I love kitsui :33 

Posted by Ae.cha on 9th Mar 2016

Hi! I've been using this product for 2 weeks and I just can say that I really love this kitsui, it's amazing :) my face become soft & smooth . Not only that, no more breakout & my face become glow & pinkish white :33 thanks to kitsui ;))

A; Thank you for the great feedback. We will to continue to create great and effective products. Once again Thank you.

whitening bb and pimple away

Posted by acne prone skin user on 30th Sep 2015

I was very happy with the result of pimple away after took it for a planning to try the whitening bb..can i consume both in the same time?morning and night?

A: Yes You can. The effect will be better.

Whiter SKin

Posted by VioVian on 7th Jul 2015

I have use whitening BB since nov 2012 up until now, i do noticed a fairer skin tone. I considered as already fair skin by most of my friend (even before using whitening BB). Personally i want to achieve more and more whiter skin, so i continue the usage until now. However, i notice there is not much changes now in skin tone.

Is there a upper limit of skin tone (with respect to individuals)? After first 4 month of 2 sachet per day, since then i reduce to only one sachet as maintanence. Should i reduce my dosage now? TQ in advance

A: Normally it varies, an individual should achieve up to 2-3 lighter tone after consuming our product after a few months. You may continue with your routine as there is on side effects. It will only make you healither.

Smoother Skin

Posted by sam on 22nd Jun 2015

Had take 1box.can feel smoother skin and whiter body and face.thanks to kitsui whitenin BB drink.will buy more to support.

A: Hi Thanks for believing & trying our products. Pls Like & Share our Facebook Page: Kitsui Whitenin BB Drink.

i want to know

Posted by chaz on 18th Jan 2015

i've been using pimple away and it works for me and since now my pimple gradually lessening,i want to consume whitening bb drink. can i consume it with pimple away?i mean i want to take pimple away first, and then after few min consume whitening bb drink. i take 2 sachets pimple away per day for your information.

A: Its best if you consume Whitenin BB in the morning and consume Pimple Away at night before you sleep OR you can consume different product every alternate day.You will see better results. Tx.